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Hi, I’m Sasha

Senior UX Designer at Eleks🇺🇦
Previously UX Designer at Star 🇺🇸
Product Designer at RedMart 🇸🇬

I believe in the importance of curiosity and continuous learning and design things that empower people and bring easiness to their lives.
My favourite tools are design thinking, personal experience and common sense.

Along with the way people interact with technologies I have a strong interest in research, product and service design.
As a designer, I get involved in different stages of a project and support it with everything needed from the early idea to the final solution.


updated September 2021

– Crafting experiences for the Waste and Recycling BPM System with Eleks
– Helping out as a design mentor at CareerFoundry
– Working on a side project related to the art preservation
– Started putting my experiences into words
– Filling in the gaps in what I know by reading, watching and taking courses
– Having fun (¬‿¬ )

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